Design Credit: Mary Corley 2018

Design Credit: Mary Corley 2018


About the Book

Charlotte does not believe in ghosts. Someone should tell that to the creepy shadows following her around the house and waking her up late at night.

After struggling with infertility and a traumatic early delivery, Charlotte brings home her precious baby girl. Along with the usual sleep-deprivation and worries of a new mom, she struggles with the feeling of being watched. Her husband is usually her rock, but not even his support can ease the nagging fears that haunt her. Despite sessions with a counselor and keeping herself occupied with church and family activities, her fear only grows, like her daughter.

When a frightening encounter forces her to admit this ghost is not the invention of an anxious imagination, Charlotte knows she must act before it destroys her and everything she holds dear. 

Awards and Endorsements

Third place, Speculative fiction
2018 Foundation Awards
Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference